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3t self-consunable Vacuum Arc Furnace

1.It was customized after we discussed with Baoti's researchers,and it was made in Baoti Group.
2.It is constituted of two furnace chambers,and double working chambers.
3.At present,our furnace is the leading level in domestic same industry. The leak rate of melting furnace is less than 0.8pa/ min. The vacuum degree of melting process can be controlled within 5 Pa. Like this, various of metal and gas elements will be very accurate. This will ensure the raw material of products quality is excellent and controllable.
4.This melting operation control system has the function of storage and record . It could online record the current,voltage ,vacuum degree , water temperature and other technical parameters which may make the real-time records. All the melting documents are traceable.
Name of Equipment
Standard equipment
Standard equipment Unique Unique Advantadges
3t self consunable Vacuum Arc Furnace Big Roots vacuum pum Speed 1200L/S 2500L/S The configuration vacuum system is higher than other companies. It is more conducive to the elimination of impurities during melting process.And Avoid oxygen increasing.
Small Roots vacuum pump Speed 600L/S 1200L/S
Mechanical Pump 100L/S 175L/S
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