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Production Equipment 
Unique Titanium has advanced production and testing equipments, including 3 tons vacuum self-consuming arc furnace, vacuum welding chamber, 3500 tons electrode press machine, 2500 tons fast forging machine, heat treatment furnace , lathe, coreless grinder, peeling machine, polishing machine, drawing equipment, coiling machines ,ultrasonic testing device, metallurgical microscope, hardness Tester, and so on.

At present, our furnace is in the leading level in the domestic industry. The leak rate of melting furnace is less than 0.8pa/min. The vacuum degree of melting process can be controlled within 5 Pa, which makes various metal and gas elements very accurate and controllable.The melting operation control system has the function of storage and record. It can real-time record the current, voltage, vacuum degree, water temperature and other technical parameters, etc, which ensure all the melting records are traceable

3t Self-Consumable Vacuum Arc Furnace

3500T Electrode Press Machine